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The Models of Therapy We Offer

We offer three models of therapy and can refer on to other colleagues if something else is indicated. We recognize that life can be very challenging and we can all experience overwhelming and difficult emotions. There may be reasons we might choose one therapy over another that have more to with time, financial, family or work constraints.

Time Limited Therapy
This is a unique therapy that stands alone as one of the many styles of therapeutic help available to deal with distress. Having a time limit is like having a deadline. For some it can be helpful in propelling you forward with a focus in mind. It can be a creative way to manage some life stresses and can be particularly beneficial in changing a pattern of "stuckness". It is usually very helpful with problems that have arisen recently as opposed to more long standing ones.

Open Ended Therapy and Counselling
This is similar to the above but we would consider it more appropriate if you had long standing issues which had their roots in your childhood and that continued to impact on your current life. There is more time for reflection and to work things through. Again, this is something we would discuss with you and come to a decision together.

Group Psychotherapy
A small group is often the ideal place to explore relationship problems. It can provide multiple perspectives and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. Difficulties experienced by everyone are always within a context of relating to others. This can be with friends, family, work colleagues or housemates, even though it can feel that one's problems belong solely to oneself. These groups are places that provide a setting where you can be yourself and relate to others as yourself.

It is not always a clear cut decision which form of therapy is best for you. We decide together what would suit you and what would be the most helpful in your particular circumstances.

How to contact Time Limited Therapy and Counselling

  • Please CLICK HERE to send us an email

  • OR telephone 020 8450 3385 or 020 7381 5531

  • We have counselling rooms in Queens Park (NW6), London Bridge (SE1), Earls Court, Fulham and Hammersmith (SW6, W6 and W14), so you can choose a location to suit you. Group Psychotherapy is also on offer in Swiss Cottage (NW3).

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